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UAV systems for multipurpose heterogeneous networks: a review of design, development and performance

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Yeinson-Alfonso Castellanos-Sanabria,1 Germán-Wedge Rodríguez-Pirateque2

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The technological fusion between wireless sensor networks and the UAS capabilities allows a fast, easy, and inexpensive deployment with multipurpose heterogeneous networks like a communication system for replicable nodes. For a UAV proposed, this paper studies the heterogeneous communication networks with their design, development, and performance where the configurations and design requirements, systems, subsystems required, preliminary sizing study, and services and capabilities were analyzed. Consequently, preliminary dimensions such as wingspan, length, height, maximum take-off weight, and performance specifications were obtained to give introductory considerations about the avionics, routing protocols, and human interaction which infers in an implementation challenge but with several advantages in military and civil applications.


UAS, UAV, design, heterogeneous networks, wireless sensor networks, civil and military applications