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Dysthyroidia in aircrew: flight safety impairment and aptitude management

Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal
Zerrik M, Echchachoui H, Iloughmanez, El Ghazi M, Bennanisf, Chemsi M

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Thyroid pathology is very frequent in aeronautics,1 because of this frequency, it is necessary to objectively define the impact of this disease on flight safety. The impact of dysthyroidism is potential on aeronautical activity, even without being perceived by the pilot, fatigability, memory and concentration problems, are an undeniable danger. The ophtalmological or cardiovascular complications are also involved in flight security. The aim of this paper is to briefly remember the effect of thyroid hormones on cardiovascular system and the cardiovascular modifications related to aeronautical environment then the authorswill define the impact of dys thyroidism on flight safety and finally they will discuss the management of aeronautical fitness in case of an aircrew with dysthyroidism.


Dysthyroidia, aircrew, flight safety, impairment and aptitude management