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The impact of intraoperative gloves changing by the surgical team on the post operative wound infection after a Caesarean section, in a tertiary care hospital

Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal
Nazli Hameed, Rabia Jamshed, Muhammad Asghar Ali, Binyamin Butt, Faiza Iqbal, Saira Rashid


Background: Cesarean delivery is a major obstetrical surgical procedure aiming to save the lives of mothers and fetuses. Cesarean deliveries were initially performed to separate the mother and the fetus in an attempt to save the fetus of a moribund patient. Access to nonmedical interventions during labor, such as continuous support during labor and delivery, should be increased. The safe practice during cesarean can provide the protection from infection.

Objective: To compare the outcome with changing gloves intra-operatively by entire team versus standard practice (no changing gloves) during cesarean section.

Material & methods: study design: Randomized controlled trial.

Setting: Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Shalamar Hospital Lahore for 6months.

Data collection: After meeting the inclusion criteria 160females were enrolled. Then females were randomly divided into two groups. Group A females operated with changing gloves of entire team and group B operated with no changing gloves. During ward follow-up, females were evaluated for febrile morbidity. At the time of stiches removal wound infection was observed. All the collected data was entered and analyzed on SPSS version 21.

Results: The mean age of females was 29.06±6.79years, the mean gestational age at delivery was 38.88±1.47weeks. In changing gloves group the wound infection was found in 4(5.0%) females while in no changing gloves group the wound infection was found in 15(18.8%) females (p-value=0.013).

Conclusion: The adopting changing gloves practice by entire team during cesarean section showed better outcome in terms of wound infection and febrile morbidity than no changing glove practice.


changing gloves, cesarean section, wound infection, febrile morbidity