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Effect of a session of the workplace physical activity program on mood

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Rafael Cunha Laux, Beatriz Aparecida Filippini Tabela, Dayanne Sampaio Antonio, Daniela Zanini


Introduction:The increasing pressure on the labor market has led to several psychological disorders such as mood disorders, which affects worker productivity.

Objectives: To verify the effect of a session of the workplace physical activity program on the mood state in employees of a community university of Chapecó-SC.

Methods: This study included 19 individuals of both sexes, with an average age of 29.4 dp 6.87 years. The Brunel mood scale (BRUMS) was used to evaluate the mood state in three periods: i) control, one week before the intervention; (ii) pre-intervention; and iii) post-intervention. The intervention had ten minutes of workplace physical activity. Data were analyzed in a descriptive and inferential manner.

Results: In the pre- and post-intervention evaluation, it was observed the decrease of all negative aspects of mood, tension, depression, anger, fatigue and mental confusion. And increased the positive mood, vigor.

Conclusion: It was concluded that the workplace physical activity program was effective in improving the mood of the employees of this university.


occupational health, affect, exercise. mood state, labor, physical and psychological health, work-related results, physical exercise, pathological conditions, immunological, mental health, guidelines of resolution, musculoskeletal tension, statistical program, pleasant environment