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Diffuse oligosymptomatic caroli's disease: case report

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Lemfadli Y,1 Bouchrit S,1 Fatimezzhara Lairani,1 Ait Errami A,1 Oubaha S,2 Samlani Z,1 Krati K1

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This article describes a case of Caroli's disease in a 53-year-old female patient who complained non-specific abdominal pain without cholestasis or cholangitis. Ultrasound and hepatic magnetic resonance imaging showed segmental saccular dilations connected to intrahepatic bile ducts without hepatic fibrosis. This clinical case shows the possibility of having oligosymptomatic forms in the diffuse forms of Caroli disease, therefore the interest to consider this diagnosis in case of non-specific abdominal signs and to request a hepatic ultrasound.


caroli disease, caroli syndrome, congenital bile duct dilatation, adulthood, jaundice, pruritus, vomiting, hepatocellular insufficiency