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Dispersion characterization of photon crystal fiber using fully-vectorial effective index method

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Faramarz E Seraji, Ali Emami, Davood Ranjbar Rafi, Parisa Sattari

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In this paper, the effect of variations in the cladding of photonic crystal fibers (PCF) using fully-vectorial effective index method has analytically been considered. There are two important parameters in calculating effective index, that are air-hole diameter (d ) and airhole spacing (Λ). Λ The difference of effective index and cladding index has been shown in terms of wavelengths for different values of d and Λ. Another effective factor of PCF is its single-modedness, which is investigated for different design conditions in this analysis. As it is well known that the PCF can develop high negative dispersion. Therefore, It has been shown that dispersion of the PCF can be more negative/positive by changing its characteristic parameters. Also, it is shown that slope of dispersion curve changes with PCF parameters.


dispersion characterization, photon crystal fiber, fully-vectorial effective index method, negative dispersion, analytical calculation for cladding of photonic crystal fibers