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Orf’s nodules in Muslim communities after the religious sacrifice of goat and sheep, 7 cases

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Kaoutar achehboune, Khadija El boukhari, Hanane baybay, Sara elloudi, Fatima zahra mernissi

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1.1 Introduction: The ON is a zoonosis caused by a Parapoxvirus. The diagnosis is based on the clinic and the concept of contact with sheep and goats. Dermoscopy is poorly understood in the literature. Complications can occur but remains rare. 
1.2 Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 7 cases of ON at the clinical, dermoscopic level and we raised the complications. 
1.3 Results: The mean age was 42 years, 6 patients without antecedents and 1 chronic hemodialysis and diabetic patient; all patients had a contact with the sheep during the Muslim sacrifice feast, the lesion sat at hands in all our patients. 4 patients with a nodular form, 2 patients in the ulcerated form, and 1 patient with a pseudo-tumoral form. Dermoscopically; all the patients had a red background, 5 had a central ulceration, 6 with a peripheral erythematous ring, the central whitish yellow zone in 4 patients, milky red blood cells in 1 patient, linear vessels in 2 patients, point vessels in 3 patients, crusts in 2 patients. As complications; erysipelas was observed in two patients, lymphangitis in one patient, paronychia in one patient. Biopsy was performed in a single patient with the pseudo-tumor form.


orf , dermoscopy, contagious, ecthyma, viral, muslim feast, venereology, bacterial superinfection, paronychia, lymphagitis, erysipelas