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Effect of tin-bath treatment on anatomical properties of Firmiana simplex wood

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Kufre Edet Okon,1 Michael Akpan,1 Idiana-Abasi Kufre Okon,2 Uduak Oworen1


Wood modification in general, is an environmental non-biocide method to modify and improve certain wood properties to enable its utilization for diverse purpose. In this study, Firmiana simplex wood was modify using low melting point tin-alloy as the heat-treatment medium. The anatomical properties of the tin-bath treated wood were studied using a light microscope and scanning electron microscope analysis. Microscopic analyses with a light microscope showed that the morphologies of the wood were less smashed by the impact of the treatment with no deformation of the vessels after tin-alloy treatment while scanning electron microscope revealed collapse in the wood structures with damages to the cell walls and vessels. It was also evident from scanning electron microscope analyses that tin-alloy penetrated the wood structure, therefore forming a film covering the cell walls and partly occupying the wood cell lumens.


Wood modification, Scanning electron microscopy, Light microscope, Thermal treatment, Anatomical properties of wood