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The preservative effect of Aframomum danielli spice powder on the chemical, microbial and sensory properties of Groundnut butter

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Florence A. Bello, Linus S. Ndah, Jessica A. Irem-Oka

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The effect of natural preservative (Aframomum danielli) on the chemical, microbiological and sensory properties of stored groundnut butter was investigated. Raw groundnut seeds were processed traditionally into a paste (butter) and Aframomum danielli powder was added at the concentration levels of 0.20%, 0.40% and 0.60% and labeled as samples B, C and D, respectively while sample A (without Aframomum danielli powder) was prepared as control. The samples were stored at ambient temperature and evaluated at 1, 10 and 20 days for proximate composition, peroxide value, microbial and sensory properties. The moisture and crude protein content increased with increase in concentration of Aframomum danielli powder on day 1 and decreased on day 10 and 20 with sample D having the least values. Crude fat and crude fibre content increased significantly (p<0.05) as the concentration increased but decreased as storage day increased, with sample D having the highest value. Increase in A. danielli powder also increased the ash content of the treated samples and decreased the carbohydrate content. Peroxide value decreased with increase in concentrations with sample D having the least peroxide value. Bacterial and fungal count decreased significantly (p<0.05) as the concentration increased, with sample D having the least microbial count. All the samples were judges as acceptable but sample D was most preferred. A. danielli when used at 0.60% is more effective as a natural preservative in groundnut butter without objectionable attributes in sensory properties.


groundnut butter, storage, aframomum danielli, preservative, peroxide, fat, microbial, samples, natural, preservative, concentration, microbial, bacterial, carbohydrate, temperature