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Comparative assessment for chemical, polyphenol and mineral composition of Moringa varieties

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Ammara Yasmeen,1 Shumaila Usman,1 Saima Nazir,1 Muafia Shafiq,1 Maria batool,2 Ijaz Ahmad1

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The formulations of Moringa porridge were prepared by the assortment of peanut, wheat flour, gram daal and sugar. The formulations were formed by changing the quantity and processing conditions of the ingredients. Chemical, vitamin and mineral analysis were carried out. Similarly, the leaves and stalks from Lahore were used as green tea. The nutritional analysis as well as polyphenols was anticipated. The approximate values of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, ash, carbohydrate, and energy of the leaves were 15.5%, 11.04%, 12%, 10.418%, 11.40% 37.48%, 319.92 kcal respectively. The polyphenols for the leaves and stalk were 10.95µg and 20.02µg respectively. Vitamin A and C were 12.80mg and 232mg for the leaves respectively. Minerals like Ca, K, Zn, and Fe were 205mg, 242.52mg, 16.10 mg, 16.25mg for Lahori leaves, and 20mg, 155mg, 5.88mg, 10.595mg for Lahori leaves formulations developed correspondingly. The porridge and tea made from M. olifera leaves and stalk were essential and valuable with respect to health and medicinal point of view.


plants, herbs, moringa, proximate analysis, polyphenols, minerals, leaves, energy, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, moisture, ash, protein, stalks