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Tensor vastus intermedius: a new muscle discovered

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Nelson Kautzner Marques Junior1,2

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In this mini-review, the objective was to present the studies on the tensor vastus intermedius. Quadriceps is an anterior thigh muscle that is formed by four muscles, the three vastus (lateralis, medialis, and intermedius) and the rectus femoris. Quadriceps muscle has several studies, but in 1990, the researchers detected the difference of the vastus lateralis and the vastus intermedius of men versus women. This research studied the quadriceps of 40 cadavers (19 women and 21 men). Then, in a similar study in 2016, researchers discovered a new muscle in the quadriceps and called tensor vastus intermedius. The new muscle has the localization between the vastus lateralis and the vastus intermedius. The origin of the tensor vastus intermedius is in the femur and the insertion in the patella. The researchers detected with magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a rupture of the aponeurotic tendon of the new muscle of the quadriceps. This injury impaired knee action. Therefore, tensor vastus intermedius has knee action. However, this information cannot be conclusive because the researchers did not study with electromyography (EMG). In conclusion, tensor vastus intermedius is a new muscle that the researchers need more studies.


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