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Efficient water utilization in knit dyeing factory of Bangladesh

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Mohammad Abul Hasan Shibly,1 Taslima Ahmed Tamanna2

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Water is the vital fact for the world. Day by day water level goes down due to overuse of underground water. Huge amount of underground water used in the textile sector. It’s high time to think “how to ensure underground water proper utilization”. This article focuses on wastewater minimization options and techniques that are available for the textile industry specially knit dyeing sector. In this research, researchers established a developed process for knit dyeing then experiment was done on this process. Water consumption was calculated for both processes; conventional and developed process. Developed process consumes less water compare to existing process. Proper implementation of this developed process can save 20.85-28.75% water consumption at the knit dyeing industry. At the same time, performed the cost analysis and developed process shows lower cost than existing processes. Developed process is more efficient and profitable than existing knit dyeing process.


Knit dying, Process development, Water saving, Water treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant, Cost analysis