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Bibliometric research of technology used in harvest and postharvest of papaya

Horticulture International Journal
Nayely Castillo-Herrera,Juan Valente Hidalgo-Contreras,Héctor Debernardi De la Vequia,1 María de Lourdes Arévalo?Galarza,2 Josafhat Salinas-Ruiz1

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Papaya is a tropical fruit of economic, industrial, medicinal and nutritional importance, produced in 70 countries. The objective of this research was to carry out a compilation and analysis of the information related to harvest maturity indexes, shelf life, main diseases and post-harvest treatments of papaya, for which the VOS viewer software was used. It is possible to determine a harvest index by correlating the color with the internal physicochemical characteristics of the papaya. The short shelf life is attributed to the physiology of the fruit and the susceptibility to diseases such as anthracnose. Derived from this, the investigations carried out in the last 10 years have focused on technologies such as; edible films and coatings with various antifungal compounds; compounds that delay fruit ripening; and post-harvest treatments to extend shelf life.


maturity index, shelf life, diseases, post-harvest treatments, films, edible coatings, anthracnose, anticancer qualities, nutritional, medicinal and industrial qualities, ripening and diseases biochemical processes,