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Analysis of codon usage bias of Carnobacterium gilichinskyi strain WN1359 genome isolated from anoxic environment 

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Earlier studies have shown that genomic features and genomic organization of microbial genome can be illustrated precisely by the study of codon usage bias. The availability of complete genome of Carnobacterium gilichinskyi strain WN1359, facilitates to get an insight about the genetic information of this microorganism. Carnobacterium gilichinskyi is a gram positive bacteria belongs to the carnobacteriaceae family. Present study aims to investigate the influence of mutational pressure and natural selection on the codon usage of this bacterial genome. It has been observed that choice of third synonymous codon position was mainly influenced by mutational bias suggesting that compositional constraint governing the codon usage bias in this bacterial genome. Moreover gene expression and translational efficiency have also been involved shaping the codon usage of this bacterial genome.


WN1359, Carnobacterium, natural, genus