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Reusable face mask for the knitted fabric with finishes treatment

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Ramratan,1 Anupam Kumar,2 Rohit Kumar3

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This will surgical mask beneficially for the user of village people and communities, at home and at health care facilities in areas. Experimental work was done to study the reusable face masks knitted fabric of the thickness, Pore size analysis, finishing characteristics performance and comfort & moisture management properties. According to the analysis, it has observed that all the parameters are significantly affected. I have some tested above the surface and I found that the results are good face masks. It will help to prevent covid 2019 virus infection. It is able to anti-dust pollution, washable & reusable product. It is faster sweat absorption and provides disease protection, relief from bad odours and more for ultimate best performance by face masks. It will help to catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. This is a reusable surgical mask. This will use mask reusable fifteen times and very low cost this product. Now present-day surgical mask available in the market only one time used. Now present situation, it has not easily available surgical mask in the small town or village area. Now present-day available some mask inside market did not follow any technical specification standard. Now the present day has we main motif for the easily available good quality mask for the village & small town. It will be easily available for the low cost & reusable surgical mask.


Polyester yarn, Face masks knitted, Antimicrobial and moisture Management finish