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Electron microscopy of nuclear nanoribonucleoproteins (nanoRNPs)

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Segura-Valdez ML, Mendoza-Sánchez AC, García-Mauleón PMR, Agredano-Moreno LT, Jiménez-García LF

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In the cell nucleus several ribonucleoproteins related to gene expression are present. The nucleolus, coiled bodies and other nuclear particles are among these structures. Particles of nanometer size include perichromatin fibrils, perichromatin and Balbiani ring granules, interchromatin granules and Lacandonia granules. All of them are involved in pre-messenger RNA intranuclear metabolism. Previous and recent research suggests that these particles are involved in transcription and processing of pre-messenger RNA within the cell nucleus.


balbiani ring, cell nucleus, lacandonia, microscopy, nucleolus, RNPs, interchromatin granules, perichromatin fibrils, nanoribonucleoproteins, nanometers, metabolism, proteomic analysis, isolation procedures, cell nucleus, compact chromatin