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New therapeutic approach with ozoile® to the EAC eczema, a chronic and annoying pathology

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The Eczema of the external auditory canal (EAC) is a challenge for the otolaryngologist and it’s a pathology that can annoy the patients and, in the most extreme cases, compromise their quality of life. Hence patients with eczema of EAC are exposed to a greater number of bacterial (acute bacterial otitis externa) or fungal (otomycosis) infections. The therapies proposed as of now for chronic eczematous external otitis (more than 3 months) are empirical. The most widely used drugs in this condition are topical corticosteroids which unfortunately can lead to dehydration of the skin, hypotropism with a reduction in their effectiveness over time

Ozoile® (Stable Ozonides with Vitamin E acetate) acts as a biological inducer, regulates the main metabolic pathways, stimulates the endogenous defense system and through the regulation of gene transcription promotes tissue regeneration and damage-injury repair. This biological inducer has anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and anti-microbial action. Based on these results, the author used Ozoile® for the treatment of chronic eczematous external otitis (symptoms lasting more than three months).


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