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Duplication cyst of the cecum; a rare cause of intestinal obstruction in infants

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Although alimentary tract duplicationsarerare congenital anomalies which can occur anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract (GIT);cecal duplication is considered an extremely rare anomaly. We describe a 4-month-old female patient who were presented to our emergency departmentwith a classical picture of acute intestinal obstruction in the form of abdominal distension and bilious vomiting warranting surgical exploration which revealed a duplication cyst at the cecalregion. Limited ileo-cecal resection along with the cyst was done with uneventful post-operative recovery with the diagnosis being confirmed by the pathological examination. Despite its rarity; cecal duplication should be put into consideration when exploring a neonate with intestinal obstruction.


alimentary tract duplication, cecal duplication,infant intestinal obstruction,duplication cyst