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Direct bearing angles determination on globe

MOJ Civil Engineering
Sebahattin Bektas


In this paper, we will see that the determination of direct bearing angles. As it is known, in bearing angles are often computed used formulas with arctan function. The arctan function gives an angle values between -90o and +90o. However, the bearing angle is by definition 0o to 360o. Consequently, it is inevitable to examine the process of obtaining the azimuth angle. Classic formulas only work correctly if the edge is in the 1st quarter. If the edge is located in the other quarters, the angles of the bearing should be examined. In this work we proposed new formulas for direct bearing angles on globe (sphere). Using the formula that we propose will save execution time in codes with intensive geodesic calculations.


bearing angles, globe, sphere, geographical coordinates, direct bearing angles, classic formulas, arctan function, geodesic calculations, azimuth angle, ellipsoid surface