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Management of class II div.2 malocclusion using TADs supported frog appliance

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Abdullah Mohammad Aldayel,1 Ahmed Ali Alfawzan2

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This case report describes the effect of Temporary Anchorage Devices Supported Frog Appliance on Class II div.2. The use of miniscrews supported distalizer minimized unwanted teeth movement while distalizing maxillary molars and reduce the need of patient compliance. The design of appliance and treatment steps were demonstrated in this case report. Case selection is an important factor of molar distaliztion and achieving planed result.


miniscrews, distalizer, class II div.2, anchorage, molar distalization, condyle, rami height, sinuses, bone trabeculationm, screw driver, screw, preformed spring