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Effect of yoghurt–milk enrichment with whole soy bean flour  

Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering
Amove J,1 Ogori AF,2 Aondoakaa PI3

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The potential of symbiotic yoghurt enrichment with soybean flour was studied yoghurt control Sample A: 100% Milk powder (Dano) and o% whole soyabean flour ,Sample B: 90% milk powder (Dano) and 10% whole soybean flour, Sample C: 80% milk powder (Dano) and 20% whole soybean flour, Sample D: 70% milk powder (Dano) and 30% whole soybean flour, Sample E: 60% milk powder (Dano) and 40% whole soy bean flour were produced respectively. The proximate composition, physical, chemical properties and sensory evaluation were determined using standard methods. The results on proximate obtained showed increase in values for moisture (77.79-89.34)%, protein (3.06-9.23)%, fat content (1.57-3.97)% and ?ber content (0.18-2.45)%.A reversed trend was observed for ash and carbohydrate values. The physiochemical analysis results obtained showed decrease in total solids (22.21-10.66)%, total solid non-fat (201.64-6.70)%, TTA (1.340.78)%, viscosity (10.54-0.86) Pa.s and PH with observed increased from (4.5-5.13). The sensory evaluation result showed that there were no signi?cant difference p>0.05 between the control and sample B in appearance but there were signi?cance difference p<0.05 between the control and the enriched sample in terms of aroma, taste, mouthful and overall acceptability. It was observed that substituting 10% whole soybean flour with powdered milk gave the yoghurt the ranked characteristic as the control, whole yoghurt in terms of general acceptability.


soybean, flour, yogurt-milk, enrichment, physiochemical