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Cervical tarlov cyst mimicking spinal hydatid disease: case report

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Marouane Hammoud, Fayçal Lakhdar, Mohammed Benzagmout, Khalid Chakour, Mohammed El Faiz Chaoui


1.1.  Background: Perineurial (Tarlov) cysts are usually incidental findings during magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral spine. The Cervical localisation have been reported to be a rare occurance. We are reporting a case where a high cervical perineural cyst was masquerading as a spinal hydatid disease.

1.2.  Case presentation:We report a case of symptomatic cervical Tarlov cyst in a 9 years old girl operated on twice for pulmonary and hepatic hydatid cyst. Spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an extradural intraspinal lesion with fluid-equivalent signal extending from C5 to T2. Based on the history, the diagnosis of spinal hydatid disease was suggested. Surgical excision of the cyst resulted in significant improvement in patient symptoms, and histological examination revealed the diagnosis of a Tarlov cyst.

1.3.  Conclusion: Cervical perineural (Tarlov) cyst can be symptomatic by causing nerve root compression and can be mistaken as a spinal hydatid disease on imaging. Surgical treatment can be curative.


Tarlov cyst, hydatid cyst, diagnosis, management MRI, cervical spine