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Terrestrial lasergrammetry and other surveying techniques in cubature calculation

MOJ Civil Engineering
Kenza Ait Ek kadi


In recent years, Topography measurement techniques have evolved to facilitate and automate data acquisition in the field. Indeed, the appearance of GPS reducing human resources during execution of work. Also, the evolution of laser scanning techniques has resulted in precise three dimensional readings, extremely reliable and quick to execute. These two techniques push to study the possibilities of their integrations in the various fields of application of the topography in particular in the determination of cubature. The present work proposes an experimental study on the contribution of the terrestrial lasergrammetry in the field of computation of the cubature. This study presents the importance of the use of this new technology compared to conventional methods and GPS surveys. A comparison between the methods allowed us to highlight the quality of the cubature resulting from different methods of topographic surveys.


calculation of cubature, total station, GPS, terrestrial lasergrammetry, topography, precision, earthworks, quarries, mines, terrestrial laser scanner, surveying, cubature, digital terrain, global navigation, total station