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Perspective on sustainability of Hong Kong fashion designers


Sustainability is one of the most concerned global issues in the past decade. It has been widely studied and developed in different aspects. Sustainable Fashion has been claimed as the future of the industry. With very limited education and development in this aspect, this research intends to investigate the awareness on sustainable elements of Hong Kong fashion designer while they design a product. Quantitative research methodologies will be adopted in this study, with four local fashion designers and one sustainable fashion expert being invited to interviews and discuss their insights of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong. By the end of the study, the feasibility of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong will be measured, the limitation that the industry is facing will be discussed, and the gap to elevate sustainability locally will also be identified.


Fashion, Fashion design, Sustainability, Environmental disruptions, Human impacts, Green-fashion, Eco-fashion, Ethical-fashion, Clothing industry, Dressing, Original design manufacturer, Hong Kong, Influential factors, Recycling, Reusing