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Application of HPLC method with diode array for tetramethrin determination in different environmental samples from upper Egypt

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Mohamed W Ibrahim,1 Ahmad A Mohamad,2 Ahmed M Ahmed3


A specific and precise High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method with diode array detection (DAD) has been sophisticated for tetramethrin determination in environmental water samples. Water samples were collected from two governorates in Upper Egypt: Assiut and Qena. Extraction of tetramethrin from water samples was carried out using liquid-liquid extraction method before the injection of analyte into HPLC-DAD system. The best separation method has been achieved on the Supelcosil TM LC-18-DB column (4.6* 250mm), particle size 5μm, with mobile phase methanol: water (78:22,v/v) at temperature of 30O°C and at a flow rate of 0.8mL/min. The detection wavelength of the detector was set at 220nm. Calibration curves obtained over the concentration range of 10–100µg mL-1 were linear. The accuracy ranged from 99.44% to 102.07%. The suggested study showed that most of samples do not contain tetramethrin residues, while few samples contain tetramethrin residues.


HPLC-DAD, determination, tetramethrin, environmental samples, pediculosis, hexane, accuracy, precision, robustness, flow rate, specificity, acetonitrile, voltammetric, mass spectrometry, chromatographic methods