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Knowledge and awareness of sickle cell anemia among dental students in Riyadh Elm University

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Asma Al Meslet,1 Heba Al Hamedi,2 Hanan Al Zhrani,2 Khayria Al Somaly,2 Anfal Al Doukhi2


Introduction: Sickle cell disease has pathological effects in dental tissues and the oral cavity. Basic knowledge of sickle cell anemia among dentists and dental students before any dental procedure is mandatory.

Aim: This study aimed to determine the knowledge of dental students related to Sickle Cell Anemia.

Results: Of the 422dental students, over half of the participants did not ever treat patients with sickle cell anemia 57.7% (n=244) or ask the patient for some investigation 53.7% (n=227) or gives prophylactic antibiotic before extraction 52.4% (n=221). Approximately half 53.6% (n= 226) of students have information about oral manifestations of SCA and reported bleeding 52.8% (n=223) as a serious complication during dental procedures. The majority 75.1% (n=316) think that patient’s physician should be consulted about the patient's myocardial status and most of the participants 57.8% (n=245) think that preventive dental care is important.

Conclusions: The awareness of dental students toward the sickle cell anemia is a satisfactory level, but dental School should provide more courses and training about the policy of treat patient with SCA.


dental students, sickle cell anemia, morphologic, erythrocytes, diagnosis, asymptomatic pulp necrosis, glossitis, gingival enlargement, hypercementosis, pulp stones, antibiotics, risk, knowledge