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Cerebrovascular prophylaxis of the frail elderly in the rehabilitation setting: a challenge for the geriatrician

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics
Valerio Massimo Magro,1 Carla Coppola,2  Michele Caturano,3 Walter Verrusio4


The rehabilitation setting is very often found to manage patients suffering from diseases of internal and geriatric interest, as well as orthopedic and neurological ones. The choice, for example, of thromboembolic prophylaxis and of the most suitable and safe drugs in these patients often requires that a physician with geriatric skills be present alongside the physiatrist. Sometimes it is also difficult for the geriatrician to assess patients, sometimes even very complex, and for this reason the presence of a Geriatrician in Rehabilitation is an added value for the care team as well as an exciting challenge for those who take care of patients frail elderly.


rehabilitation, cerebrovascular prevention, anticoagulation therapy, elderly patient, echocardiography; stroke; atrial fibrillation, new exacerbations, ultrasound evaluation, interventricular septum, multidimensional assessment, physiotherapy, motor coordination, hospitalization, unchanged therapy, cerebrovascular events