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Acupuncture meridians and the vortices and anti-vortices of the human nonlinear electromagnetic field


Both Man and Sun have the same donut shaped nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) with the same dynamics. Our Sun has a chain of clockwise spinning vortices sucking energy in alternating with counterclockwise spinning anti-vortices throwing energy out. The human NEMF has also a chain of vortices sucking energy in, alternating with anti-vortices throwing energy out. However, while the dynamic of the Sun is physics because the energies are colossal, the dynamic of the human NEMF (which is the same, but weak and difficult to measure) was mocked with the name metaphysics and thrown out of physics. ‘Metaphysics’ means ‘beyond physics’ in Greek. However, with time all phenomena, which our physics couldn’t explain, became a bad thing - metaphysics. Meanwhile, physics was further developed and nonlinear physics could explain the so-called metaphysics, but the physicists seem to be afraid to touch the mocked metaphysics. The chain of spinning alternating vortices and anti-vortices of the human NEMF were called ‘chakras’ in ancient Hindu texts, which means ‘spinning wheel’. The chakras just need a sensitive enough equipment to measure them and the author had developed such equipment. Also, the chakras could be photographed in high frequency electric field, which multiplies the chakras’ photons and makes their photographing possible. It is called Kirlian photography. Isn’t it time to include the chakras in our nonlinear physics?


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