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Studies of common goods and governance of resources

MOJ Addiction Medicine & Therapy
Javier Carreon Guillen
Professor "B" UNAM-ENTS, Mexico


In the context of sustainable development, governance of water resources turns out to be a management model that would include factors relating to beliefs, attitudes, values, norms, perceptions, skills, knowledge, decisions and actions oriented water availability and consumption 200 standard liters per day. However, studies on the psychology of sustainability warn that availability is not only mediated cognitive dimensions, but are also determined by the relationship between local authorities and users of municipal services. In this sense, the present work is proposed to specify the relationship between cognitive factors to establish a model for the study of policies tandem as an effect of the surrounding information in the media about drought, natural disasters, environmental disasters or water conflicts. To this end, a review was conducted in databases with registration ISBN and DOI considering the above constructs. Referring to the state of knowledge, the model specification was discussed.


studies on the psychology, attitudes, values, norms, perceptions, skills, knowledge, decisions