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Social interaction and cultural–environment center design

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Ali Assari, Payame Noor University, Iran
Mohammad Mehdi Gorji, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Hadi Shobeiri Nejad, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Maryam Mousavinik, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran


Cultural centers in all groups of people and with any kind of outlook has always been one of the most importance issues for designer. When we use the traditional culture in ordinary daily conversation, we often think of culture as an equivalent to the “higher things of the mind”– art, literature, music and painting and helping a community begin to understand its historic, economic, and social context is an essential foundation for developing and building sense of place. Traditional culture has a particular position among arts and other media due to being multi–dimensional and enjoying facilities regarding to arts. With respect to the shortage of cultural entertaining and particularly cultural center admirable, the art advancement in the country, necessity of matter is obviously clear. So it is necessary to design cultural center in particular place. This paper is aimed at designing a cultural center with the best features of technology in Tehran region 2 by helping the public opinion and studying the effective factors on cultural center design and associating these factors with designing matters. this research applies multiple user experience research methods, which include practical observations and respondents sever­al items in form of questionnaire. 96 questionnaires were distribut­ed among expert respondents. The research findings show that pause spaces in front of the cultural center got the highest rank and Sense of belonging and collective memories got the lowest rank respectively.


cultural center, social interaction, cultural design, public opinion, exchange, competition, cooperation, conflict, design, questionnaires