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Dr Harold Szu

MOJ Applied Bionics and Biomechanics
Rockefeller University

Research Interest

Nanoengineering ; Biomedicalengineering; Medicine & BioEngineering  


Dr. Szu has been a champion of human brain natural intelligence based on the isothermal equilibrium at a constant temperature 37 °C the unsupervised learning at the minimum (Helmholtz) Free Energy (MFE) with the relaxation of the excitations of power of pairs input sensors.  From such a first principle, he has derived from MFE with respect to the dendritic summantion the glial cells formula, whose divergence accounts for the Gliama Tumors.  Thus, we understood the orderness functionality of 10 billion neurons and 100 billion supporting brain biomedicall wellness.  He is the founding Secretary and Treasuer of International Neural Network Society (INNS) 3 decades ago in 1988, and the former president, and governor of INNS.  He received the INNS D. Gabor Award in 1997 “for outstanding contribution to neural network applications in information sciences and pioneer implementations of fast simulated annealing search,” and the Eduardo R. Caianiello Award in 1999 from the Italy Academy for “elucidating and implementing a chaotic neural net as a dynamic realization for fuzzy logic membership function.” Recently, he contributed to the unsupervised learning theory of the thermodynamic free energy of sensory pair for fusion. Because of this contribution, Dr. Szu is a foreign academician of Russian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences in 1999 for the unsupervised learning based on a homeostasis constant Cybernetic brain temperature. Recently, SPIE and brain-style computing awarded him with the Nanoengineering Award and the Biomedical Wellness Engineering Award.(http://www.ica-wavelet.org). Besides 640 publications, (cf. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Harold_Szu2) over dozen US patents, numerous books & journals, Dr. Szu taught students “how to be creative in interdisciplinary sciences” according to the Boltzmann, Ehrenfest, Uhlenbeck’s Reinsurance Individual and Team Creativity Methodology, and guided over a dozen PhD students.  (http://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=44103)


He received in 1971 Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. In order to prove the Einstein diffusion fluctuation-dissipation relationship is valid for all mediums of arbitrary mean free paths, he applied the second law of thermodynamics to derive the stochastic version of kinetic boundary condition augmented with the stochastic version of the Boltzmann integral-differential transport equation.  (His thesis advisor is Prof. George Uhlenbeck who relocated from UM Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Rockefeller Univ., New York, NY) He worked at Naval Research Lab in Washington DC in three divisions over 15 years (1977-1990). He began at GS-12 in Plasma Physics Div. and produced US patents of heavy ion isochronously cyclotron and tunable free electron infrared laser; promoted to GS-13 in Optics Div., he produced patents on coherent optical computing, and holographic pattern recognitions; promoted to GS-14 in Electronics Warfare Div., he developed fast search algorithm by a simulated annealing Cauchy machine; he was promoted as GM-15 and led the Information Science Group, leader of Naval Surface Warfare Center at White Oak (1990-1996) and relocated to Dahlgren, VA (1997-2008). As a distinguished Alumni of NCKU in Tainan, Taiwan, he returned teaching a year about the G.E. Uhlenbeck Royal Dutch Trade Secrete of the Creativity (Courage (like Aristotal to answer the important question), Comprehensiveness (like Maxwell in 4 field eqn.), Complimentarity (like N. Bohr Q.M.), Conscientious (like Thomas Edison)), Innovation (finding the gaps & fill in the values) and Entrepnreurship (with Angle Fund) as mandated general 3C education (like undergraduated MBA at BS level).  He is a senior scientist at Army Night Vision Electronic Sensor Director, Ft. Belvoir, VA. He was a visiting member of Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton in 1977-78. He remains with DoD and served 40 years of Maximum Civil Service, defining the basic research in Sensors, Surveillance, and Communication, and in charge of Biomedical Wellness Lab at US Army NVSED, Ft Belvoir VA.