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Dr. Kim Hahn

Research Interest

Reflect diverse aspects of the fashion industry, Build a body of scholarly knowledge, Theory in the area of consumer behaviors, Social psychological aspects of the fashion industry, Paying particular attention to the influence of technology, Intergenerational and cross-cultural differences


Dr. Kim Hahn is a full Professor at the School of Fashion, teaching both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising students. She earned her undergraduate degree from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and studied for both her master’s degree (majoring in Fashion Design) and doctoral degree (majoring in Fashion Merchandising) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Before she arrived at Kent State in 2011, she was an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She taught Product Development, Advanced Pattern Development and CAD Pattern Making using OptiTex. She is one of just a handful of scholars contributing to both fashion merchandising and design, thanks to her research into consumer behavior and engagement with creative scholarships. She has been involved in research and creative scholarships that have explored the influences of cultural factors on fashion and current industry trends. She is innovative design scholarships have been recognized and validated through juried, invited, and solo exhibitions. Over the past decade, she has also created over forty original, wearable artworks. What’s more, she has received various international and national design awards, as well as several research and fellowship awards including 2018 Presidents’ Faculty Excellence Award at Kent State University.