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Dr Robelyn Garcia

Research Interest

Kinesiology, Biogerontology, Lifespan health, Behavioral Health, Telehealth, Telemedicine, Behavioral interventions for reducing chronic pain and obesity, Behavioral Criminology, Museum Technology, Online Health Education, Lifestyle Medicine and Psychosomatic illness alternative treatments


Dr. Robelyn Garcia's mission is to educate and motivate! Her eleven college degrees include a Graduate Certificate from Harvard Extension School, a PhD in Education, a Post-Doc Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, a Masters in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, a Masters in Aging and Lifespan Development, a Masters of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a Masters of Education in Passing, a Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement, a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, a Bachelors of General Studies in Health Sciences and an Associate of Arts and Sciences. She is currently a Faculty Affiliate at Arizona State University in the Biomimicry Department and a Post-Doc Scholar at Harvard University in the Harvard Extension School. She also teaches CPR, geriatric health, gerontology, therapeutic behavioral interventions for chronic pain, and biogerontology at Senior University. In addition, she is a multidisciplinary personal professor at Personal Professors Online Academy. She is also the President Emeritus of the SW Jr. NBA-WNBA, the Vice President of American Community Team Sports, a Curriculum Writer, a former Professional Basketball player and Kinesiology Professor. Dr. Garcia was inducted into the Arizona State Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi for her academic and scholarly achievement in May, 2014 and was inducted into the Dodge City College Hall of Fame in May, 2015. Dr. Garcia is a former Professional Basketball Championship All-Star and a 2018 and 2017 World Senior Games and Senior Olympic Gold Medalist. Further, her WBA Championship team was inducted into the Black Archives Hall of Fame in 2020.