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Dr. Cameron L. Jones

Journal of Bacteriology & Mycology: Open Access
National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne

Research Interest

Mycology, mould, and water damage analysis Industrial and Environmental Microbiology Fungal Spore Identification and Analysis Public Health and Mycotoxins Decontamination and mitigation of pathogens Science communication in the realm of microbial threats in the built environment Mould law and its implications in the legal system.


Dr. Cameron L. Jones, PhD, is a prominent expert in the fields of indoor air quality, environmental microbiology, and science communication. He is the director of Biological Health Services, which is an environmental testing lab and consultancy firm. Dr. Jones is at the forefront of detecting and quantifying mould presence in buildings, particularly after water damage events. As the global landscape shifted with the pandemic, he expanded his expertise to include environmental testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus within structures, ensuring the efficacy of post-cleaning procedures and advocating for COVID-safe workplace environments. Furthermore, Dr. Jones has become an influential figure in the legal arena, serving as an Expert Witness in numerous cases related to mould, mycotoxins, and their implications in the built environment. This speciality in mould law has cemented his reputation as a leading authority in this niche intersection of science and law. Beyond these accomplishments, audiences have become familiar with Dr. Jones' insights; he is a regular presence on television and online platforms, passionately discussing topics spanning microbiology, mycology, and public health. In addition to his consulting roles, Dr. Jones holds a position as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, offering insights into mould-related illnesses and the intricacies of building biology. With a rich academic background from his 17-year tenure at a renowned university, he has contributed to scientific knowledge, authoring over 100 peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and 2500+ technical reports on air quality and microbial threats in the built environment. His scholarly journey commenced with a PhD emphasizing fungi, ultimately paving the way for his current role as an independent consultant and director of a top-tier microbiology lab.