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Professor Ihsan Ali Khlaif Al Mahasenh

Research Interest

Eukaryotic Genomics: Human genotyping & sequencing of the Arabian Tribal genealogy (covering the Arabian world) using the DNA Microsatellite platform for the STR genes of Y chromosome  as per the Arabian geneographic landscape towards establishment of Gene Therapy platform.
Prokaryotic Genomics: DNA sequencing of bacterial 16S rDNA gene for clinical & industrial strains, Production of actinorhodin by Streptomyces coelicolor strain, Antibiotic production, carotenoids, SCP, citric acid using fermentation technology.


Ihsan Ali Khlaif Al Mahasenh is professor of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering at University of Sharjah. My research is focusing  on  2 parallel lines  of  DNA sequencing & genotyping  models.