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Dr Heon-Jae Jeong

Research Interest

Statistics based quality and safety improvement in healthcare
Measuring and analyzing patient safety culture with statistics  
Quality and Safety of medical care (keyword: Quality of Care & Patient Safety)
Healthcare Provider Behavior
Patient Behavior in Medical Care Use
Big Data Analysis on Quality and Safety
Safety Culture in Healthcare Setting
Evidence Based Healthcare Management and Quality Improvement.


Dr. Heon-Jae Jeong received MD degree in South Korea in 2002. Four years later, he matriculated at Johns Hopkins University and received MPH, MBA and DrPH degrees as a Sommer Scholar from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and was also selected as a WHO patient safety scholar in 2007. He had been involved in developing and improving patient safety system in South Korea, Taiwan and Canada, and helping many hospitals, including Johns Hopkins, design and implement their own safety programs for years. He authored Korea’s national bestseller, “Hospital User’s Manual: 33 Safety Rules for Patients,” which led many Korean hospitals to develop patient engagement programs for safer care; Korea’s largest patient advocate association along with the Ministry of Health and Welfare developed a national patient safety campaign, based on the contents of the book, “Smiling Patient, Safe Hospital.” (WHO’s Patients for Patient Safety Newsletter—Winter 2013 covered this whole story). Through these works, he received Korean Minister of Health and Welfare Award twice in 2005 and 2013, and Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association’s most prestigious Outstanding Graduate Award in 2014. In addition, he been serving as an Incident Management Faculty of Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Director of International Affairs for the Korean Society for Patient Safety, Distinguished Advisor on Research and International Development to the Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation, International Society for Quality in Health Care Fellow, and Editor-in-Chief for Biometrics and Biostatistics
International Journal
. Also, as the president of the Care Quality Research Group, he was working on various projects and researches on quality and safety of health care globally.