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Stringent isolator technology when handling highly pathogenic BSL-4 materials

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The recent Covid 19 pandemic has shown the importance of the protection versus high pathogenic microorganism’s viruses and bacteria. The research work on highly contaminating virus leads to the use of a “bunker” type of lab (P4 Lab) to allow researchers and employees to be protected and to avoid cross-contaminations between the studied microorganisms. At the date of today thanks to around the 40 P4 labs implemented worldwide with success we have been able to work, discover and fight against dangerous pathogenic agents like Marburg, Ebola and now Covid 19. The P4 lab technology uses means of barriers versus airborne contaminations, human contaminations and components contaminations during the stringent procedures of research, discovery and production.1 The purpose of this very article is not to go beyond the P4 technology but using the same separation techniques to propose an alternative making the availability easier for the operators time wise and technologically wise.


biosafety level, isolator, Covid 19, RTP technologies, physical barrier