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Transitory note on role of ionic liquids as designer green solvents 


Solvents have well known importance for the various chemical and biological processes in chemical industries. Apart this, these chemically prepared solvent have been found to reported for their respective hazardous, ill and lethal health impacts along with involving high cost. So, that concept of “green solvents” is manifested the environmental and sustainable driven goal to minimize the environmental negative and ill impacts due to overuse of chemically prepared solvents for various chemical production and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Over last two decades, ionic liquids have found to have pioneering role in chemical science and novel technologies as clean, low toxicity upon synthesis, more efficient, and eco-friendly alternative resource of volatile organic solvents having significant thermal, physical, chemical, biological characteristics and noticeable reproducibility. Ionic liquids have also been reported for their respective green synthesis, negligible environmental impacts and good purity percentage. Hence, ionic liquids are reported to have safe chemical process while they are formulated and synthesized in laboratories and chemical industries with reduced effluent production which in turn having negligible environment impact as well as low production cost. Apart the use of ionic liquids as alternate green solvents, fundamental innovative practices have been initiated to design the novel and functionalized ionic liquids called “task specific ionic liquids” which might be considered more potent for next coming medical and environmental challenges as well as global concern.


ionic liquids, green solvents, green chemistry