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Taxonomic and nitrogen-cycling microbial community functional profiles of sugarcane and adjacent forest soils in Southeast Brazil

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Eliamar Aparecida Nascimbém Pedrinho,1 Acacio Aparecido Navarrete,2 Luciano Takeshi Kishi,1 Camila Cesário Fernandes,1 Victoria Romancini Toledo,2 Rita de Cassia Félix Alvarez,2 Elisângela de Souza Loureiro,2 Leandro Nascimento Lemos,3 Siu Mui Tsai,4 Eliana Gertrudes de Macedo Lemos1


Nowadays, due to the expansion of agricultural borders, it is highly desirable to increase the sustained productivity of sugarcane cultivars using the knowledge of soil microbial communities. In this study, twelve shotgun metagenomic datasets based on genomic DNA from soil were analyzed using the Metagenomics Rapid Annotation using Subsystem Technology (MG-RAST) and Statistical Analysis of Metagenomic Profiles (STAMP) to assess differential responses for the total soil bacterial community composition and nitrogen-cycling microbial community functional potential in soils from sugarcane field with pre-harvest burning and adjacent forest in dry and wet seasons in Southeast Brazil. The soil bacterial community revealed higher abundance for Actinobacteria in forest soil than sugarcane soil in dry and wet seasons, and an opposite pattern for Proteobacteria and Planctomycetes in these soils in both seasons. The results obtained in this study based on the KEEG map suggest that the forest soil has a higher nitrogen-cycling microbial community functional potential compared to the sugarcane soil, independently of the season. The gene sequences associated with carbohydrate metabolism were the most frequent in all soil metagenomes. Taken together, the results confirm previous findings regarding the effects of forest conversion to sugarcane production area, providing new insights regarding to this conversion through the prism of the seasonality and pre-harvesting method on microbially mediated nitrogen cycle in sugarcane production fields.


soil bacterial community composition, shotgun metagenomic sequencing, nitrogen cycle, seasonality, sustainability