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Socio-economic and environmental characterization of the residents of igarapé santa cruz, breves, arquipelago de marajó, pará, Brazil

International Journal of Hydrology
João Raimundo Alves Marques,1  Ana Lúcia Nunes Gutjahr,2 Carlos Elias de Souza Braga3

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The socioeconomic and environmental problems resulting from disordered occupation on the outskirts of cities propitiate dire living conditions. In this scenario, it is important to develop studies that describe people’s living conditions and the degree of environmental degradation to which they are subject. Thus, this study aims to diagnose the socioeconomic and environmental aspects of the residents living on the bank of the Santa Cruz stream that is located in the peripheral area of the municipality of Breves, Pará. The study is a quantitative and descriptive research in which the questionnaire was used to collect information on the socioeconomic and environmental profile of 257 families living in the Santa Cruz stream. The results showed that the majority of the inhabitants (57.30%) have incomplete Elementary School; 72.36% receive less than 1 minimum wage, the main occupation is informal work, 77.82% live in houses built of wood, 68.09% of households use the water from the stream for domestic use, 48.64% of households have a sanitary destination for dry cesspits and 13, 62% the sanitary destination is direct in the stream. In this context, residents live in a favorable conditions to social exclusion, unhealthiness and diseases, due to the poor socioeconomic, environmental and infrastructure conditions. Therefore, that the diagnosis of living conditions of the resident population of the stream, experience conditions of misery and abandonment.


socioeconomics, environment, disorganized occupation, Amazon