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Parametric study of deformation and breakup of non-Newtonian droplet

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Mohammad Lotfizadeh,1 Ebrahim Shirani,1 Fatemeh Ghadiri2

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In this paper deformation and breakup of a non-Newtonian shear thinning droplet are studied parametrically. The effects of physical and geometrical properties are investigated by means of numerical methods. The flow is simulated in the range of 716 up to 2864 for Reynolds number and 8.5 to 70 for the Weber number. The VOF numerical method is used for capturing the droplet deformation and Carreau model is used to simulate nonNewtonian physical properties. The results are compared with those exist in literature. It is found that various non-Newtonian parameters of the fluid properties do affect the critical Weber number and the deformation of the droplet.


deformation, breakup, non-Newtonian droplet, numerical simulation