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Dry eye syndrome: a new look at etiopathogenesis and treatment


 “Computer syndrome” or dry eye syndrome (DES) is asthenopia and dryness of the cornea and conjunctiva. The supposed cause of “computer syndrome” is an excessive constriction of the pupil and accommodation weakness. The article offers to use mydriatics in mild cases and laser mydriasis in severe cases in a complex of treatment. It is also suggested leaving slight myopia and physiological astigmatism while refractive surgery, contact and spectacle correction of myopia, so that the pupil does not narrow sharply and does not overstrain accommodation system, that is, there would be no conditions for the DES occurrence. The apparatus treatment, vision hygiene and healthy lifestyle are also required for a complete restoration of the working capacity of the accommodative muscles in case of DES.


dry eye syndrome, mydriatics, laser mydriasis, laser refractive surgery, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, collagenosis, synergistic innervation