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Determining the clinical and experimental findings of people with COVID-19

Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal
Fatemeh Vahidian,1,2,3 Souzan Najafi,2 Vahid Khaze Shahgoli,2,4 Elham Safarzadeh,5 Moloud Akbarzadeh,6,7 Seyed Isaac Hashemy1

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Introduction: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome. The present study planned to evaluate the accuracy of laboratory parameters and clinical findings in predication of the infected cases through RT-PCR. Methods: All related laboratory tests of 180 cases (62.8% male and 37.2% female) with an average of 62 years old (45.3-69) were performed by several laboratory techniques. The obtained results as well as other clinical and biography findings of the patients during the treatment and recovery were compared and analyzed to find out the possible relationship among the considered parameters. Results: The considered hematological and biochemistry factors were completely different in all cases regardless to their health and lifestyle condition, including being at ICU, being addict or not, whether having previous diseases or not and others. Conclusion: COVID-19 has brought a huge burden to the health system and infected patients, especially those who have a background of chronic diseases or addicted to some drugs.


COVID-19, laboratory experiments, clinical finding, ICU