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Factor V deficiency in a Syrian boy with spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage: a rare case report from Syria

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Leen Doya, Lava Mohammad, Abdulmoniem Ghanem


Factor V (FV)deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive coagulation disorder that can manifest at any age. Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage as the first manifests of Factor V Deficiency is extremely rare and may present with a sudden focal neurological deficit or a reduced level of consciousness. We report a case of a new onset-seizure without any history of medical ingestion, toxin exposure, trauma or falls in an 11- month- old boy. A cranial computed tomography showed right intra-cerebral bleed extending from the parietal lobe to the occipital region with a shift of the midline to the left. Laboratory results showed a decrease in Factor V activity. Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) was replaced with improvement.


intracranial hemorrhage, factor V deficiency, fresh frozen plasma, G6Pd deficiency, FFP infusions, funduscopic examination, immunizations