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Psychological intervention to enhance the volitional quality of perseverance in athletes with hearing impairment

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Lic. Julio Cesar Cobas Román,1 Dr C Alina Bestard Revilla2


The work addresses a topic of great importance for the development of the sprinter which constitutes one of the areas of Athletics, the king of sports. The Santiago de Cuba Province has provided excellent athletes, of which the Academia de Santiago de Cuba category 14 - 15 (school) stand out; due to the results achieved in national competitions despite the shortcomings detected in their psychological preparation, considering it necessary to improve the process of training volitional qualities with a view to the conscious preparation of athletes and the responsibility assumed when having to win demanding training loads. The objective pursued with this research is the development of an intervention plan to enhance the quality of volitional perseverance in athletes with hearing impairment. As a result, intervention activitiesare provided that integrate the psychological with the practical, thus establishing the dialectical unit to achieve the development of individual qualities during the development of training.


volitional quality, perseverance, hearing impairment, sprinter