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Nursing care in palliative care in pediatric oncology

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Joana Muniz Mendonça,1 Luana Luzia de Assis Arruda Corbari,2 Matheus Mychael Mazzaro Conchy,3 Renan da Silva Bentes4


This research has as general theme “Nursing care in palliative care in pediatric oncology”, an approach that needs to be further discussed due to the need to prepare nursing professionals working in the pediatric sector with cancer patients who are terminally. Thus, an informative text was produced with information based on authors who have already conducted research on this theme, with a qualitative approach, because this is a Bibliographic research. To guide this research, the general objective was to identify the knowledge and reactions of nursing professionals in pediatric cancer care and as specific objectives to identify the perceptions and feelings that permeate pediatric nursing practice in relation to cancer, treatment, and its implications and to know the care/care activities aimed at children hospitalized in the pediatric oncology sector. It is concluded that the courses directed to nursing need to offer disciplines that prepare these professionals to deal with pediatric patients who are in terminal state, preparing them to comfort the family in the face of the failure of the treatments that the patient underwent.


nursing, palliative care, pediatric oncology