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Effect of laser irradiation and Rhizobium on growth parameters of clover

Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering
Abd El-Rahman Abd El-Raouf Ahmed,1Helmy El-SayedHasan,2 Ahmed El-Raie Emam Suliman,3 Khalid Ali Maher4

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This study aim to study the effect different combinations of Laser or/and Rhizobium on
growth parameters of clover plants. To carry out this study, irradiation seeds by laser
radiation and seeds incubation by Rhizobium combination with laser exposed times 5, 10,
and 15 minutes compared in untreated seeds were used. Growth plants were cut four times
during growing season every 40-45 days, then growth parameters were measured. Obtained
results were showed that using treat seeds by combination laser exposed 5 minutes and
Rhizobium gave higher the growth parameters followed with 10 minutes and control.
While, the expouser time of 15 minutes was less value. By using Laser exsedtimes or/and
Rhizobium, the results were indicated that the growth parameters values of cover plants
at irrigated with fresh water were higher than clover plants which irrigated with ground
water. So, authors recommended to use irridation by Laser beam and / or incubation by
Rhizobium of clover seeds or any different seeds crops in order to improve vegetation and
productivity of crops


clover seeds, Rhizobium, inoculation, laser, growth parameters