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Yoga as a school health service for adolescents suffering from primary dysmenorrhea


Primary dysmenorrhea is a common pain issue among girls in adolescence and it is characterized by the fact that is not associated with other pathological conditions. Among professionals that work in adolescent sexual and reproductive healthcare, dysmenorrhea is considered to be a periodic pain issue that can be temporarily treated by medicine, but the recurrence of the pain and the monthly discomfort have a larger impact on the lives of the adolescent girls. The voices of adolescents that reflect the need for alternative solutions as complementary therapy become more intense. Yoga as a complementary therapy can educate and contribute to the management of menstrual pain and provide a better quality of life. This article provides information about the recent research on interventions of yogic science in schools, to enhance adolescent reproductive health and help them overcome menstrual pain. It highlights the importance of using a wider spectrum of yogic tools and their application in the school context is discussed, resulting in a positive effect on treating primary dysmenorrhea.


menstruations, blood heaviness, dysmenorrhea, Yoga nidra, surya namaskar, KAP, knowledge, attitude and practice; QOL, quality of life