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Effective model of technological innovation process (EMTIP) for knowledge protection in a university

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Jorge Luis Hilario-Rivas, Freddy Elar Ferrari-Fernández, Cesar Augusto Agurto-Cherre, José Williams Rojas-García, Richard Piero Bardales-Linares, Clotilde Ríos Hidalgo-de- Cerna


The aim of this research is to propose an effective model for the process of technological innovation and knowledge protection in a university in Peru. To accomplish this, a quantitative applied and descriptive approach was employed within the positivist paradigm. An instrument was utilized to assess 342 publications from the UNU (Universidad Nacional de Ucayali) repository between 2021 and 2022. The research consisted of two specific steps: Step 1: Identification of patentable materials through workshops involving individuals associated with the inventions in their respective technological fields. Step 2: Definition of a process of technological innovation and knowledge protection through the EMTIP model. This model is the outcome of a flexible and adaptive methodology that takes into consideration technological surveillance, demand behavior and needs, and the search for the necessary resources to materialize innovation as a finite fulfillment of its demand. All of this is done under a concurrent feedback system. The EMTIP model represents the seventh generational model for knowledge protection and the process of technological innovation in a university


knowledge management, scientific innovation, intellectual property