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Factors influencing the performance of donkey welfare a case study in benadir region, Somalia

International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology
Zakariye Abdifatah Ahmed,1 Moktar Omar Sheikh Mohamed2

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Animal welfare, refers to the ability of an animal to cope with its current living conditions. Such an animal is free from distress, pain and fear, and express innate behavior. This study sought to look at the factors that influence the performance of donkey welfare in Benadir region-Somalia. The specific objectives of the study were to establish the influence of donkey owners’ perceptions on the performance of donkey welfare, to determine the influence of donkeys’ contribution to owners’/user’s livelihood on the performance of donkey welfare and to asses the influence of owner/user training on the performance of donkey welfare. A descriptive study design was used for the study and the sample size for the research study was hundred and eighty (180) donkey owners/users in Benadir region from the three Different districts: - Howlwadag, Warta nabada and Daynile. Quantitative data was collected and coded in SPSS Version 20 for analysis. The study found out that donkey owner’ perceptions, donkeys’ contribution to owner/user livelihood and owner/user level of training had statistically significance association to the influence of on performance of donkey welfare in Benadir Region-Somalia. Donkey owners’ perception affects how they treat the donkeys; donkeys contributed largely to the livelihood of the donkey owners and users. The findings of this study will be help to the donors and other stakeholders as they will help them to mainstream their programming to ensure donkey owners and users change their attitude thereby improving the performance of the donkey welfare. The findings of this study also will provide policy makers and Ministry of Livestock and range in Somalia with information that they will use to ensure that donkey owners and users have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle their donkeys well. The study has built on the existing study and also suggests area of further study and research. the recommendations of the study were that there is need for more sensitization and training to donkey owners or users on donkey welfare issues. In addition, to the government especially the ministry of livestock and range should be done to improve policies that protect the welfare of donkeys


donkey, health, welfare, Somalia